About Mistress Tomie

Background and Experience. I am a NYC Dominatrix and Asian pro domme with over five years of experience in the kink scene and two years as a professional. My interest in domination began in early childhood being raised in a strict Christian household that practiced physical discipline. While this background informs my sadism and desire to be omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent in a sub's life, it does not define it. As a professional, I highly value skills-building and education in an industry that is largely self-regulated. I trained at the Taillor Group in 2019 and 2020 before going independent once COVID-19 closed down the dungeon. I am a member of Princess Kali's Red Key Club, took classes with long-time industry professionals Mz. Kim, Goddess Alexandra Snow, and Simone Justice; and a regular at various skill sharing events both online and in-person. Outside of attending BDSM and kink events and classes, I also am an avid reader. After 2020, I expanded my domination into the digital world partly as a response to COVID-19, but mainly out of a deeper desire to express myself in ways unavailable in-person. As part of that decision, I decided to reveal my face behind paywalls for my fansites and clip stores.

Personality. While each of my subs bring out a different facet of my personality, the majority of them describe me as quietly intense, genuine, voracious, and intelligent. I do not speak loudly and do not scream or yell for obedience - I expect attentiveness and the best out of you the moment you approach.
My personality oscillates between spectrums. If you're expecting a domme with a one-dimensional personality, I suggest you simply stick to my digital content.

Who I Enjoy. Subs who are eager to please, dedicated, polite, understands boundaries, and possess healthy emotional awareness. I'm also a fan of shy, cute subs who get nervous easily, and subs who bring out my sadism.